Dana began to realise her fascination with metalwork and jewellery in 2006,  when she began a course in silversmithing.  She also has some brief experience in blacksmithing and used to do beadwork as a young girl.  Her inspiration is drawn from the natural world, often incorporating themes and ideas from ancient religious and spiritual traditions.  With such reverence for nature, it has become her mission to educate herself further and equip herself to navigate the jewellery industry in a sustainable manner.  This is not always easy, as there are many bad practices which seem impossible to change, but making small changes is a beginning.  Recycled paper, gift boxes, packaging and natural displays are used.  Others' unwanted jewellery is dismantled and stones re-used.  Dana has finally sourced a recycled silver supplier in the UK and tries to use fair-trade or small, independent local suppliers.  She works out of her home studio in West Sussex, England.